2016 Prize for Young Israeli Bio-Medical Researcher:  Dr. Ido Amit

2016 Prize for Young Israeli Bio-Medical Researcher: Dr. Ido Amit

Dr. Ido Amit's research focuses on uncovering fundamental principles of genome function and regulation and how they impact both health and disease with an emphasis on hematopoietic development and immune function. His research in deciphering the molecular and regulatory networks controlling immune cell differentiation and function addresses fundamental questions in biology with translational implications for autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative disease as well as cancer. Dr. Amit is recognized as a leader in the important research field of “immuno-genomics” aimed at elucidating and engineering sequences in the genome that are important for hematopoietic and immune function. He also developed novel models that facilitate mechanistic studies of gene regulation and immune responses. Dr. Amit’s work on chromatin-dynamics during hematopoiesis changed an important paradigm on how epigentic dynamics regulate hematopoiesis. Dr. Amit’s breakthrough studies on single-cell-genomics in the hematopoietic and immune-system have immediate applications to many diseases with the potential to define new markers, targets and pathways perturbed in various hematological diseases.

Dr. Amit is not only a great scientist but is also a highly accomplished group leader. His lab consists of a wide-range of highly talented scientist with interdisciplinary backgrounds from immunology to physics, functional-genomics and computer science. Ido typifies a new generation of young scientists who are comfortable across disciplines and biological systems, deeply dedicated to both basic understanding of biology and to clinically relevant research, collaborative, and a wonderful mentor to others.